Wind of North


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Inspiration by late Gothic swords from the areas of Southern Germany and Italy. The sword is not too heavy, so you can not even feel it thanks to its perfect balance in hand, it is very well processed both mechanically and visually. We deliver the sword in a sharp version. The surface is treated with gun oil.

Material: Steel, beef leather, ash wood

Total length: approx. 960 mm

Blade length: approx. 800 mm

Handle length: approx. 100 mm

Width of the blade at the guard: approx. 45 mm

Thickness of the blade at the guard: 4 mm

Guard width: approx. 200 mm

Hardness: 52-54HRC

Weight: approx. 1260 g

Balance point: approx. 80 mm from the guard

Date: 14.-15. century n.l.

Area of Findings: Southern Germany, Italy

Originals to be seen in the Metropolitan Museum of Art - New York


Leather sheath is not included. For orders with sheath please contact us.

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