Wind of North


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Viking knife inspired by period finds, with a torsional handle. It fits nicely in his hand, and therefore he loves not only the enthusiasts of history but also the hobbies. Surface treated with oil for weapons.

The Vikings

The Vikings were Scandinavian seafarers and fighters who made in the 8th - 11th centuries their expeditions primarily to southern and western Europe. At their time, they posed considerable risks and threats to European states.

This knife is an authentic article from the Vikings, ancient warriors.


Material used: Steel 

Total length: approx. 245mm

Blade length: approx. 140mm

Blade width: approx. 43mm

Thickness of the blade: 5mm

Weight: approx. 200 g

Hardness: approx. 56 HRC

This blade includes a high quality leather sheath.

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