Wind of North


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A forged knife inspired by Celtic findings finished with a forged Capricorn or dragon head. It is suitable for a working and dining knife. The surface is treated with weapon oil.

The Celts

The Celts are the name of a large group of tribes that inhabited western, central and partly southern and eastern Europe, including the territory of today's Czechia, in the neighborhood of the Romans, and represented the so-called La Téne culture. The specific definition of the Celts in terms of ethnic, linguistic or cultural features is unclear and is subject to speculation.

This knife is an authentic article from the Celts, ancient warriors.

Material used: Steel, cowhide

Total length: approx. 285mm

Blade length: approx. 145mm

Blade width: approx. 35mm

Thickness of the blade: 4mm

Weight: approx. 200 g

Hardness: approx. 56 HRC


This blade includes a high quality leather sheath.

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