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About Percival

Percival is a premium handcrafted sword, an accurate replica of the type E Petersen Viking sword, which was found in Oslo, Norway. It is characterized by a decorative dotted pattern on its hilt and guard and dates back to the 10th century. The original Viking swords, which served as a template for Percival, were wide-spread not only in Sweden and Norway but also in the former territory Kievan Rus' or Prussia. Its popularity is proven with more than 130 historical findings. Percival is a wonderfully intimidating weapon for every historical battle or fight reenactment. With its beautiful detailing, it is a must-have in every Viking lover's sword collection. Definitely a Viking sword you’ll be proud to own!




The Percival Viking sword is handmade and hand-decorated in our family forge according to authentic medieval procedures. It is very well processed, both mechanically and visually - made of noble steel, premium cow leather, and ash wood, and is very well balanced, so despite its heavier weight, it is easily handled. Percival is delivered to you sharpened and its surface is treated with gun oil.

Warning: Be careful when playing!



In the region of Scandinavia, the type E sword can be dated to the 9th century and the Russian examples to the 10th century. This design could have also been used in the creation of some Ulfberht swords, which had different variations of hilt, pommel and guard designs. Ulfberht swords were characterized by blades inlaid with the inscription +VLFBERHT+ which became the sort of a trademark and sign of top quality craftsmanship. They were made from the 9th to 11th century and the quality of steel used in their creation hadn’t been surpassed until the Industrial Revolution. Ulfberth swords are considered to be predecessors of the so-called 'arming sword' used in the High Middle Ages. As for the social aspect of the type E blade, it would have been wielded by more well-off Vikings that could afford beautiful decorated and the top quality steel. With finds present in Kievan Rus', it is even possible that this kind of sword could have been used by some members of the elite Varangian Guard, which was employed by the Byzantine emperors to assure their safety. Originals can be seen in the Cultural and Historical Museum in Oslo, Norway.




Overall length: approx. 915 mm (36 in)

Blade length: approx. 750 mm (30 in)

Handle length: approx. 105 mm (4 in)

Blade width at the guard: approx. 50 mm (2 in)

Blade thickness at the guard: 4mm (.16 in)

Guard width: approx. 105mm (4 in)

Hardness: 52-54HRC

Weight: approx. 1500g (3.3 lbs)

Balancing point: approx. 70mm from the guard (2.75 in)


Leather sheath is not included. For orders with sheath please contact us.


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