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Isilmë is a buckle fashioned to look like a full moon with little ornaments radiating off of it. Get Isilmë and have the winning look at your favorite festival or add this must-have piece to your period wardrobe collection! Because in the end, period fashion is all about the details.



Isilmë is handmade of metal in our family forge according to almost forgotten centuries-proven processing methods. On its surface, Isilmë is treated with beeswax to ensure it will last for many decades, even centuries.



Buckles were widely used in all periods and in all nations. They were made of various materials and ranged widely in shape as a classic accessory for fastening cloaks or other items of clothing.



Material: metal

Approx. size: 80 mm (0.04 inch)

Approx. weight: 65 g (0.4 oz)


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