Wind of North


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Your search for a Viking ring with real history and meaning is finally over! Indil is a beautiful handcrafted bronze ring which was inspired by archeological findings in Gotland, Sweden. This unisex Viking ring is hand-decorated with period ornamentation and embued with a sense of personal strength, stability, identity, and inner strength that gives the wearer the courage to overcome all obstacles!




Indil is hand-made out of premium quality bronze and hand-crafted with powerful Viking ornamentations. It is made in our family forge according to authentic medieval procedures - the same way Viking and Northern jewelry was once made.




Indil is inspired by historical artifacts found on Gotland, the Swedish island, which was densely populated during the Viking Age. Therefore, we are able to admire several examples of authentic typical Viking jewelry, the rare finds of finger rings bring us to believe that this type of Viking jewelry was not so common. The rings were popular with individuals, both men, and women, and they were worn as a sign of status and wealth. Bronze was also considered a precious metal alongside silver and gold and was often used for Viking jewelry.




Width: approx. 10mm (0.4 in)

Diameter: according to finger

Thickness: 1 mm (0.04 in)

Weight: approx. 5 g (0.18 oz)


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