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About Horik

Horik is an authentically accurate handmade replica of a Viking sword which was found in Norway. Its design is inspired by the Viking sword, type X Petersens, which appeared only in the late Viking Age between the 10th and 11th centuries. Its smooth look and top-quality processed materials make Horik a great timeless weapon which should be part of every Viking lover's sword collection. Do not underestimate Horik; it is an elegant Viking sword, however, it is always ready for battle! Perfect for period events, festival costumes, and also for battle reenactments.



The Horik Viking sword is handmade in our family forge according to authentic medieval procedures. It is very well processed, both mechanically and visually made of noble steel, premium cow leather, and ash wood, and very well balanced for easy handling. Horik is delivered to you sharpened and its surface is treated with gun oil.

Warning: Be careful when playing!



Due to the pointed thin quillons on its guard, the type X Petersens' hilt was regionally referred to as a "gaddhjalt" or spike hilt. It was a forerunner to what is now known as the Crusader Sword. Its design could be seen as a major stepping stone to the development of the type XI cavalry sword, according to Oakeshott typology, which was in use during the High Middle Ages. According to Petersen, this Viking sword first appeared during the 10th century and lasted until the very end of the Viking Age - into the 11th century. This type X sword appears also in the famous Bayeux Tapestry, depicting the Battle of Hastings which took place in 1066. Type X swords were found all throughout Scandinavia and were pretty evenly distributed, indicating that they were widely used. Original examples of this Viking sword can be seen in the Philadelphia Museum of Art and The Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow, Scotland.



Overall length: approx. 950 mm (37.5 in)

Blade length: approx. 805 mm (32 in)

Handle length: approx. 100 mm (4 in)

Guard width: approx. 200mm (8 in)

Blade width at the guard: approx. 50 mm (2 in)

Blade thickness at the guard: 4mm (0.6 in)

Hardness: 52-54HRC

Weight: approx. 1220g  (0.5 lbs)

Balancing point: approx. 120mm (4.7 in) from the guard


Leather sheath is not included. For orders with sheath please contact us.

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