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About Burlok 

Burlok is a hand-crafted premium leather vessel inspired by the appearance of Viking archeological artefacts and is of our own design. The Vikings used leather drinking vessels alongside drinking horns during their voyages and frequent feasts. Add Burlok to your collection of period looking accessories and celebrate the way the Vikings did! Unfortunately, Burlok is not suitable for drinking but can still greatly compliment a period-themed party!


Burlok is hand-sewn in our family forge where we also specialize in leather processing of Viking tankards and other Viking items. It is made of premium cow leather and boiled in a mixture of beeswax and resin. 

Warning: Burlok is not suitable for drinking!


We have evidence that the processing of leather drinking vessels dates back all the way to ancient times when they were used in places like Neolithic Europe or the Old Kingdom of Egypt. The first fragments we have found of leather containers are from the Neolithic period in Scotland. Later, leather tankards became popular, especially with the English Navy, starting in the 12th century. Many findings are from the wreckage of the Mary Rose, the sunken flagship of Henry VIII. The Vikings used drinking vessels as a traveling companion during long voyages and also when celebrating; the leather was more compact, didn’t break easily, and was lighter than pottery, metal, or glass. Viking feasts and celebrations could be very long, usually lasting several days, with major feasts such as Jul, which could even last around 12 days (here the weight of leather wessels came in handy).

Product Specification

Material: Cowhide and beeswax

Volume: 0.25 l (8.5 fl oz)

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