Wind of North


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About Annis

Are you tired of conventional and boring jewelry? Get yourself something exceptional and let your distinctive style soar with Annis. The Viking’s jewelry was often quite mysterious art pieces embedded with ornamentation and Viking symbols. Annis is a beautiful example of the Vikings mythology; it is an accurate replica of an archeological finding, and as an article of secret-woven handmade jewelry, it also carries a hidden meaning. As in the Viking Age, the Annis arm ring is unisex and can be worn by both men and women.

Our tip: Try Annis as couple jewelry and bring some excitement into your relationship with partner, friends or family.

As in the Viking Age, arm rings were a representative of devotion and loyalty, it could also be interesting to taste today's magic. It might appear to be more powerful than you think.



Annis is made of noble steel in our family forge according to almost forgotten Nordic processing methods. It is a handmade accurate replica of Swedish Viking arm rings with respect to Vikings symbols and mythology. Annis is an open ring which is not round but flat and is easily formable into any arm size, which makes it more comfortable for you to wear. Its surface is treated with beeswax to ensure long-lasting quality.



When it comes to Viking jewelry, arm rings were widely worn throughout Viking society. There are many preserved forms ranging from simple, undecorated iron or wooden arm rings to opulently decorated ones made out of silver or gold. However, the most commonly used material was bronze. In the Viking Age, arm rings were worn both by men and women, also in conjunction with other jewelry, as a demonstration of social status and wealth. There was also a ritual meaning. Back then, arm rings were given by Jarl, a noble Norse warrior and the son of Heimdal (the guardian of the Bifröst rainbow bridge, who was protecting it from the giants of Jötunheim) to his men. Jarl was renowned for his intelligence and strength, and he gave arm rings to his men as proof of their fealty and subordination. This piece of Viking jewelry was also gifted to boys of a certain age to symbolize their maturity.


Product Specification

Material: steel

Approx. size: 70 mm (3 in) x 5 mm (.2 in)

Approx. weight: 70 g (2.5 oz)


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