About Us

Our story begins a few generations back in Czechia, Europe. Two hundred years ago, our fathers and grandfathers had been the esteemed blacksmiths of famous Bohemian rulers and made their living with custom-made handcrafts.

Today, we follow in the footsteps of our ancestors and utilize their passed down secrets of original Nordic processing methods, similarly to how Vikings once passed their secrets from one generation to another.

The name of our family is well known in Europe, as a leading manufacturer of period artifacts. You may also know our work, for example, from the leading engineering company Česká zbrojovka which was founded in the 1930’s and since then have specialized in manufacturing and selling small arms of world-class quality. We know that craft production is very unique to each individual product and always deserves our utmost care.

Strong as steel; the tradition in our family holds true to this belief. Our fathers taught us to respect strength, to treat it with kindness and diligence, and to base our work on quality and precision, just as they once did. Our work is created with the high-grade processed metal of exceptional hardness, metal that lasts for centuries, does not know the word ‘copy’, and always signifies ‘original’.

We are proud to continue in this long tradition of honest work creating unique handicrafts of top quality which will last a lifetime or more.

What inspires us in our everyday work?
Tradition, history, coexistence with Mother Earth, secrets, hidden meanings, and mythology.

We are fascinated especially by Vikings, the dread warriors whose skills were unprecedented at the time. Their power and unrivaled strength, as well as their relationship to magical metal, is reflected in our life approach and in our blacksmithing.

All of our handmade and handcrafted items are either inspired by real archeological findings or are from our own design.

They are made in our family forge in Czechia, where we are based, with a local store in Portland, Oregon. Therefore we are open to interesting collaborations and cooperations with people, with proven track records, both in Europe and the USA.

Are you interested in collaborating?
Do you have any special requests for an item you’ve always dreamt of? Do you have any other questions for us

Please feel free to ask.