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About Grámi


Looking for an extraordinary amulet which will protect you and guide you on your daily journey through life? Grámi is a lavalier made in the shape of a ram's head. Just as the Vikings, rams also always generated respect. In mythology, the ram is usually perceived as an embodiment of the power of nature; a symbol of fertility and life as well as a symbol of inner strength and dominance. Simply said - Grámi is a perfect guide for leading you down the right path and will be very helpful whenever you’ll be overcoming any obstacle or trap. It is also a great supervisor to keep your intentions, and other intentions toward you, pure. May Grámi serve you in your life with the same power and respect as the Vikings once had!



Grami is of our own design and is made of noble steel in our forge according to authentic medieval procedures. Its design gives a strong nod to history, with the addition of a modern twist. Grami’s surface is treated with beeswax to last for many decades. Noble steel in connection with the ram's power represents exceptional hardness and unrivaled strength.




Viking jewelry often depicted images of nature, animals, and mythology. The Grami necklace is a beautiful example of the Viking's masterful artistry. As we are not very familiar with large archeological findings of Viking lavaliers or amulets in the shape of animal bodies or heads, we can presume that this type of Viking jewelry was rare and was made for its owner by special request.

This is the reason why an article of Viking jewelry like Grami is so exclusive.



Material: steel

Approx. size: 60 mm (2.4 inch) x 45 mm (1.8. inch) x 30 mm (1.2 inch)

Approx. weight: 85 g (3 oz)


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