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About Aldamir

There is a lot of jewelry out there, but not all of it has the power to protect its wearer. Aldamir is a delicate noble steel necklace inspired by famous elven legends and myths and made in the shape of the leaf - a typical elven symbol, with a modern twist.

The leaf has always been a representation of growth, renewal, and revival. Aldamir is a unique leaf of the tree of life, which is designed by us to help you in times of despair when you’re lacking hope.



Aldamir is hand made in our family forge according to the secret Nordic way of processing. It is made of noble steel and imbued with a feeling of happiness and protection.  Aldamir is inspired by Viking jewelry and is our own design.



The ornamentation of Viking jewelry was often inspired by nature and mythology. The Aldamir necklace is a beautiful example of the Viking's masterful artistry. As we are not very familiar with large archeological findings of Viking's lavaliers or amulets, we can presume that this type of Viking jewelry was rare and was made for its owner by request. 

Product specification

Material: steel

Approx. size: 50 mm (2 in) x 25 mm (1 in) x 5 mm (0.2 in)

Approx. weight: 12g (0.4 oz)

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