Wind of North


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The Nornotur dagger is a perfect example of masterful Viking artistry. Inspired by the discovery of an English dagger, one of the oldest weapons dating back to the 13th century, we came up with this eye-catching design for our sharp-bladed Viking Nornotur. The combination of materials used gives Nornotur a great period touch as well as a sense of luxury. The decorated wooden handle reminds us of an age-long coexistence with nature wrapped up in Viking legends and mysteries.



Nornotur is handmade in our family forge according to authentic medieval procedures. It is a very well processed dagger made of steel and wenge wood. Nornotur is delivered to you sharpened. 

Warning: Be careful when playing!



In the Middle Ages, a dagger would have been used as a backup weapon. It particularly found its use in close quarters combat where the wielder didn’t have room to swing around a big weapon, or in short-range encounters where it was used to stab their opponents through a weak-point in their armor. Apart from that, the dagger was a versatile tool that could always find its use around a camp or any time you needed a sharp knife. The original Viking dagger, which served as a template for Nornotur, can be seen in the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds, England.



Material: steel, wenge wood

Overall length: approx. 460 mm (18 in)

Blade length: approx. 310 mm (12.2 in)

Blade width: approx. 40 mm (1.6 in)

Blade thickness: 4 mm (0.16 in)

Weight: approx. 430 g (15.16 oz)

Hardness: approx. 52-54 HRC

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