Wind of North


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About Geama

Geama is a naturally forged cube inspired by ancient dice with a touch of modern blacksmithing. Games have always been associated with dice and we have proof that humans have been playing with them since the Stone Age. Since then, they were most often classified as a gambling tool - a combination of affection from the Gods and an element of chance. Surely more than one Viking made their fortune by rolling some dice.

Try Geama with its period spirit and see what happens! A guaranteed mysterious and historical feeling whilst playing modern games, good luck!


Geama is handmade in our forge according to an almost forgotten Nordic metal processing technique.


Carved dice have been found in burial sites across Scandinavia and the British Isles, which indicates that the Vikings were familiar with dice and there are even some records of old dice games they used to play. One of them was called Mia and surely more than one Viking lost or made a fortune when playing this game. An important element of Mia was bluffing, making in some ways this Viking game similar to poker. The players attempted to roll certain numbers to score points, but the rolls were hidden so other players couldn’t see them. So players could bluff and claim better rolls than they actually got, but if they got called out on a bluff, they lost one of their lives, of which they usually had 3 in total. If the player who called a bluff was wrong, they lost one of their lives. The last player in the game with some lives left was the winner.



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